Paolo Marchi: "Now everyone is talking about Peruvian food

Paolo Marchi, food critic. Italian gastronomic major producer and author visited Peru to try new flavors and enjoy our cuisine. He also took the opportunity to give us a good review

Being just 11 a.m., at the sushi bar JW Marriott hotel, the food critic Paolo Marchi tasted his first glass of Pisco Sour. “It did not take long,” he said at the beginning; but then he took three more sips with a face of astonishment. This time the schedule was the least. “If you have to write about food, you have to love the food and eat it all. Some say not like this or that, can be a specialist but you have to know everything, you have to taste everything, “says Marchi.

How did this passion for food?

When I was young I wanted to be a photographer or chef, but was not able to work with a camera and I could never learn in cooking school, so I started doing sports journalism. He is writing about all kinds of sports, but the food was my true passion. I always tried to go to eat new things, good restaurants. In 1990 or 1991 I started working in a more serious way about food and writing about Italian chefs.

Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to food critics?

Because I like to eat, I really like the ideas they have chefs, when they do something in their own way. When you have something new in front of you, it is difficult to understand why a chef thinks so. Yesterday I went to eat sushi and I loved the new flavors, ingredients, I like everything about it. Also, I see different things, I visit different places and I can eat dishes from around the world.

For you, what is it more complicated?

You have to work hard. When you go to a restaurant you get free dishes and say: ‘Try this or that’. The chef do so because their food is good and want to try it, but want to always work. Sometimes you just need some cheese, wine and relax, but it is not always possible. In addition, over time, you’re making a friend of the chef and in some cases lost their talent. Then you make a negative review and bother you. Sometimes they do not understand that one is only helping.

What requirements must a good restaurant?

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