12 Reasons why the Peruvian food is the best in the world

1. No matter where you go, the food is delicious

From the elegant to the popular market, from the most expensive place to puestito street that never fails on a sightseeing tour with things to eat and drink on the way restaurant. Everything is delicious.

Lima and Arequipa are best known for its gastronomy local destinations; 3 of the best considered 50 restaurants in the world are located in Lima, however, Peruvians do not boast about it because they know that there are many places where you can eat just as well. That is why the first reason definitely have to be this, because Peruvian food is available to everyone.

2. The great mix of cultures in one cuisine

If the cuisine of ancient Peru we add hundreds of years of Spanish influence and finally add a cherry Asian and Italian cuisine immigration nineteenth century, surely we will get a great-or several-course. ¿Pachamanca Vs. Chifa? No, I want it all. The first is a preparation of meat and cooked in a hole in the ground on hot stones tubers, and the second a mixture of Cantonese cuisine with Peruvian, just a couple of examples of the variety of dishes that are available in Peru.

3. Beach, Jungle and Mountain

Ok, actually called coast, jungle and highlands, the point is that all this also comes together in a geographical location with direct access to the Pacific Ocean and its benefits (fish and shellfish of all kinds) and a fertile land with varying heights full of variety.

On the coast we have the tiradito, the litter and the chalaca choritos; in the mountains, Peruvian Andes, potatoes are the huancaína or ocopa; and the juane jungle, inchicapi and tacaco with cured meat. No matter if you do not know what they are, sure you’ll love.

4. Ceviche, just because

Yes, the ceviche (ceviche, seviche or sebiche, put the ce, that, vee and be whatever) itself has to be a reason. The best raw fish delicately mixed with sour, salty and spicy ingredients to delight anyone. There is a whole culture that revolves around the ceviche, the schedule of sinners, purity of flavor of each type of fish and care mix remaining ingredients. There are different ways to prepare it, one for each requirement palate, but either way, you’re going to say, “Hmm!” Sometime while you relames lips by tiger’s milk (the juice is ceviche, also used as appetizer).

5. Freshness ingredients

And it is that a culture that revolves around food has to be careful in the details. I put an example of excellence ceviche when tested in their native country; You know the characteristic odor of the fishmongers? Because in Peru they will not feel. The fish is always so fresh that never has a chance to largar smell, in fact, traditional cevicherías close their doors at 15:00. because logically, if the main ingredient was fish in the morning, mid-afternoon begins to lose its freshness and is no longer worthy to be prepared on a plate.

6. The variety of fruits and vegetables

The mixture of ingredients is the basis of a great cuisine and with so many options being born and growing everywhere, there is much to do. Fruits like cherimoya, lucuma and achiote, and vegetables such as lupine and quinoa are key ingredient in many preparations. hass, Mexicola, ester, pinkerton, zutano, reed, strong, bacon, gwen, black cross, and even an avocado called little finger, which is so small that you eat: only avocado (avocado) over 10 varieties are achieved bite. Not to mention the types of potato, which never ended.

7. Aji


Garcilaso de la Vega.

The love of this nation chili dates back to pre-Columbian times. There is a huge range of options it is said that more than 300 varieties- offering different sizes, colors and levels of hotness. Whatever the type used, everywhere are getting salsitas chili to accompany your meal that go with everything from a hamburger to a rice with scallops and squid ink. And for those who want to try in their full version and dare with spicy, there are always dishes such as stuffed rocoto available.

8. Colors

There is no doubt that attracts a colorful dish much to the eye and the palate then, in fact there are theories about color psychology that recommend us to eat at least 5 colors to be healthy. For Peruvians have super clear or leave them natural, because if something has its food, its color.

9. The stews and soups

Suck, carapulcra, tacu-tacu, cau-cau, sweet potato with filling and just started to count the number of dishes stews, soups and creams in this country. Do not know about you, but to me give me stews taste sensation, seasoning, strong tastes, smells grannies cooking, food repairing your soul and reconstructs the body. If both spicy ceviche and made you prone to heartburn, you need a stretcher.

10. The Canchita

In each restaurant, before lunch, they serve you a plate of mountain popcorn, which is only roasted corn (of any of the 30 types of corn have). Sometimes they serve only sometimes are various types of maize, peanuts or cottage cheese. The truth is that accompanies any situation quite well and is preparing for the palate flavors that follow. Do not worry about how much you eat, recent studies reveal that the mountain court is as healthy as eating fruit, for its antioxidant properties.

11. The drinks and Pisco

What else will serve as many fruits but is to do some juices and smoothies worthy of being served in paradise? Carambola with banana and enough ice for a tropical juguito; passion fruit, pineapple and camu camu; lucuma, cherimoya and milk; papaya, banana, honey and carob. There is something for everyone, including Inca Kola for lovers of soda.

Not to mention the pisco sour, the national drink -chilenos, not me molesten-, prepared with pisco, lemon juice, egg white, bitters and syrup. Perfect with a mountain popcorn, right?

12. Best peruvian put your part

It is no secret that Peru boasts its cuisine, but it is they have with what! So true is this that an online survey showed that Peruvians feel more identified with their food with their national symbols.

The big move that made internationally promoting itself as a destination for culinary tourism has made a lot grow and more and more restaurants and typical food are installed to entertain visitors. I do not say, says the British magazine “Conde Nast Traveler”, which ensures that Lima is the new culinary epicenter of the world.

Source: http://radiourbe.pe/noticias/articulo/12-razones-por-las-cuales-la-comida-peruana-es-la-mejor-del-mundo

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