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Julian Restaurant is located in Machu Picchu Pueblo (also known as Aguas Calientes), and offers a variety of a la carte dishes, among entrees, main courses and desserts. Each of our dishes are elaborated with dedication and detail, their one main motivation, to satisfy our customer’s palate. The Julian Restaurant experience is offering dishes made with all Peruvian ingredients, full of color, flavors filled with herbs and fresh spices, handpicked from own herb garden.

Julian Restaurant offers a la carte dishes, as well as eating plans for travel agencies and corporations.

Carte / Menu

We introduce our Menu, where you will find a great variety of meats, pastas, salads and desserts.

Entradas y Sopas

Comida Peruana

Internacional (Sandwichs, Pizzas y pastas)

Postres y bebidas


Our carte is carefully planned with the best quality of products, and an splendid dedication by our chef, and as such making our dishes unique in both presentation and flavor.


Our supplies required for our carte are completely organic, and free of pesticides, helping us to obtain more natural food, healthy and nutritious and with better flavor. And thus, adding to a greater environment sustainability

Social Responsibility

We are a social responsible company, as we purchase the ingredients for all our dishes from local farmers, promoting its economic development.

The most delicious of Peruvian cuisine at the foot of Machu Picchu

A great restaurant is synonymous with a great team. From professionals who know that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts, that a restaurant is more than a kitchen, a living room and a wine cellar. It is a complex orchestra where each of its members has to play a score in perfect harmony with the others, without dissonances, without ups and downs: always at the top for the enjoyment of the diner.

Our goal is always the same: that people who come to our restaurant enjoy a pleasant moment, tasting our dishes and feeling exquisitely well served.

At “Julian Restaurant” we are very happy to have a team of dedicated professionals and competent and efficient collaborators, all of them distributed in different areas such as: administration, chefs, area managers (desserts, funds, etc.). The restaurant’s team is made up of people from Machu Picchu and Cusco, who have previously gone through a professional training program in order to offer a quality service.


Menus thought-out for travel agencies and corporations. We have an array of different dishes, as to satisfy even the most difficult palate, a fusion of Peruvian dishes and the world’s best dishes.

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We are located in a central area of “Machu Picchu” Pueblo, close to hotels and public areas, in a quiet area, our address is:

Address: Av. Imperio de Los Incas N° 618

Dirección: Av. Imperio de Los Incas N° 618
Email: ventas@julianrestaurant.com,
Email: reservas@julianrestaurant.com
Celular: 973688084
Teléfono: 084 211383